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We strive to provide confidence and direction to our clients through esteemed relationships, superior customer service, and an unlimited wealth of knowledge strengthened by a passion for success.

Our Mission


Montpelier Advisors  is an independent boutique firm specialising in the intentional design, collaborative structuring and focused oversight of captive insurance solutions for middle market companies. We provide thought leadership, strategies, knowledge transfer and access, navigating business owners and their advisors through appropriate relationships and solutions. Montpelier Advisors brings a unique business perspective throughout the complete lifecycle of a captive insurance company.


10,000 Captive Risk Bearing Entities

35+ US States now have passed captive legislation

Over 50% of major US Corporations have captives



Founder, Kevin Atkinson, is the innovative leader of Montpelier Advisors. If there is a challenge to overcome or an opportunity to explore, Kevin either has the expertise or has access to the information and relationships to deliver results. Kevin is a firm believer that an integrated, coordinated and focused approach is the key to getting things done right, the first time. Kevin believes in each clients’ best interest, leveraging both integrity and a personable touch that never leads you down an unnecessary path. His goal is never to push without the promise of success. He provides consummate professionalism while handling all aspects of your company’s journey into the captive world.



“Montpellier provides advice for businesses and individuals with higher quality financial techniques that are unique. They are a powerful builder of value for clients - professional and with a high principled character who want to ‘do right’ for all of his clients.”
– Robert C., CPA
“Kevin has been very responsive to any and all of our requests and needs. He has a strong desire to do the job right the first time, and is very helpful throughout the whole process of setting up a captive insurance company.”
– Don B., Business Owner
“Kevin and I began working together on multiple mutual clients, and worked to create good captive insurance entities for these clients. I’d define Kevin’s abilities as being highly attentive to detail and clients, and extremely hardworking.”
– Wesley D., Attorney
“Montpelier is top-notch. Kevin has a tremendous attention to detail and exceptional integrity and patience throughout the whole development process. He has taken most of the stress out of what could otherwise be a very stressful process.”
– Barry S., Business Owner


Montpelier Advisors brings many benefits to the table for business owners and advisors:



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